Civilization 6

The latest installment of the best selling PC game series Civilization is what the game was always meant to be. While waiting for the release of Civilization 6, I must point out that Civilization 5 is a game with more balance than any of the prior versions that have been released.


It is not just about graphics, which are also improved. If your a avid strategy pc game fan who is familiar with the series, you know that previous versions of Civilization felt unbalanced. In Civilization 5 the game feels very balanced and that equals into more fun and it requires more strategy and thinking. Another thing that is a big plus for the game is the cities boundaries ability to grow in a very natural way. It is not about waiting turns until you develop you technologies. You can buy land in advance to provide extra resources for the cities.

Civilization 5

In Civilization 6, it would be nice if it keeps the nice balance in unit strength as in Civ 5. War is very balanced and the units seem to preform accurately. For example, musket-men can be rushed by swordsmen and lose even though they have advanced technology. Terrain is also taken into account. The nice thing about the fighting system, is it will tell you the odds if you will be successful or not (at least on the easier levels).

The layout of the world is much better and more realistic than in previous versions of Civilization. I was always a little disappointed with the game map and the setup of the world map, because Civilization 4 was released after games such as Age of Empires that had a much better world map. However in Civilization 5 they have finally put in the extra effort and it is paid off in a big way. The maps are still a little small in my opinion, but maybe they can make it a little more expansive and world-like in Civilization 6.



If you don’t have a copy of Civilization 5, the game is well worth a look. Compared to Civilization 4, the game is a real upgrade and a must play. How do you improve Civilization 6? Better graphics maybe. Larger maps, maybe real diplomats and real issues that can be make or break friendships between countries. I am not saying that Civ 5 is not a solid game, it is, but there is always room for improvement.

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