Civ 5 Civilizations

Washington George Washington America

(Manifest Destiny) All land Military Units have +1 sight. 25% discount when purchasing tiles.

Special: B17 Bomber, Minuteman

Harun al-Rashid Haran al RashidArabia

(Trade Caravans) +1 gold from each trade route and Oil resource provide double quantity.

Special: Camel Archer, Bazaar

Montezuma MontezumaThe Aztecs

(Sacrificial Captives) Gains culture for the empire from each enemy unit killed.

Special: Jaguar, Floating Gardens

Wu ZetianWu ZetianChina

(Art of War) Effectiveness and spawn rate of Great Generals increased.

Special: Chu-Ko-Nu, Paper Maker

Ramesses II Ramesses II Egypt

+20% Production towards wonder production.

Specials: War Chariot, Burial Tomb

Elizabeth Elizabeth England

(Sun Never Sets) +2 Movement for all navel units.

Special: Longbowman, Ship of the Line

Napoleon Napolean France

(Ancien Regime) +2 Culture from cities before discovering steam power.

Specials: Foreign Legion, Musketeer

Bismark Bismarck Germany

(Furor Teutonicus) Upon defeating a barbarian inside and encampment, there is a 50% chance you earn 25 gold and they join your side.

Special: Landsknecht, Panzer Tank

Alexander Alexander Greece

(Hellenic League) City-State influence degrades at half and recovers at twice the normal rate.

Special: Companion Cavalry, Hoplite

Gabdhi Gandhi India

(Population Growth) Unhappiness from number of cities doubled. Unhappiness from number of citizens halved.

Special: War Elephant, Mughal Fort

Hiawatha HiawathaIroquis

(The Great Warpath) Units move through forest and jungle as if they were a road. These tiles can be used to establish a trade route.

Special: Mohawk Warrior, Longhouse

Oda Nobunaga Oda Nobunaga Japan

(Bushido) Units fight as if they were full strength even when damaged.

Special: Samurai, Zero

Suleiman SuleimanThe Ottomans

(Barbary Corsairs) 50% chance of converting a Barbarian navel unit to your side and earnign 25 gold.

Special: Janissary, Sipahi

Darius I Darius I Persia

(Achaemenid Legacy) Golden ages last 50% longer. During a golden age, units receive +1 movement and a 10% combat strength bonus.

Special: Immortal, Satrap’s Court

Augustus Caesar Augustas Ceasar Rome

(The Glory of Rome) 25% production towards any buildings that already exist in the Capital.

Special: Ballista, Legion

Catherine Catherine Russia

(Siberian Riches) Strategic resources provide +1 production Horse, Iron, and Uranium resources provide double quantity.

Special: Cossack, Krepost

Ramkhamhaeng Ramkhamhaeng Siam

(Father Governs Children) Food and Culture from friendly City-States increased by 50%.

Special: Naresuan’s Elephant, Wat

Askia Askia Songhai

(River Warlord) Receive triple gold from Barbarian encampments and pillaging Cities. Embarked units can defend themselves.

Special: Mandekalu Cavalry, Mud Pyramid Mosque

Genghis Khan Genghis Khan Mongolia

(Mongol Terror) Combat Strength +30% when fighting City-State units or attacking a City-State itself. All mounted units have +1 movement.

Special: Keshik, Khan

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